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SimBiology Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
AbstractKineticLaw object Kinetic law information in library
addCompartment Add compartment to PKModelDesign object
addcompartment Create compartment object
addconfigset Create configuration set object and add to model object
adddose Add dose object to model
addevent Add event object to model object
addparameter Create parameter object and add to model or kinetic law object
addreaction Create reaction object and add to model object
addrule Create rule object and add to model object
addspecies Create species object and add to compartment object within model object
addvariant Add variant to model
Compartment object Options for compartments
CompileOptions Dimensional analysis and unit conversion options
Configset object Solver settings information for model simulation
construct Construct SimBiology model from PKModelDesign object
CovariateModel object Define relationship between parameters and covariates
createSimFunction Create SimFunction object
EstimatedInfo object Object containing information about estimated model quantities
Event object Store event information
export Export SimBiology models for deployment and standalone applications
findUnusedComponents Find unused species, parameters, and compartments in a model
findUsages(AbstractKineticLaw) Find out how an AbstractKineticLaw object is used
findUsages(species,parameter,compartment) Find out how a species, parameter, or compartment is used in a model
findUsages(unit,unitprefix) Find out how a unit or unit prefix is used
getconfigset Get configuration set object from model object
groupedData Create groupedData object
GroupedData object Table-like collection of data and metadata
KineticLaw object Kinetic law information for reaction
LeastSquaresResults object Results object containing estimation results from least-squares regression
load Load variables from file into workspace
Model object Model and component information
NLINResults object Estimation results object, subclass of LeastSquaresResults
NLMEResults object Results object containing estimation results from nonlinear mixed-effects modeling
OptimResults object Estimation results object, subclass of LeastSquaresResults
Parameter object Parameter and scope information
PKCompartment object Used by PKModelDesign to create SimBiology model
PKModelDesign object Helper object to construct pharmacokinetic model
PKModelMap object Define SimBiology model components' roles
Reaction object Options for model reactions
RepeatDose object Define drug dosing protocol
Root object Hold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries
Rule object Hold rule for species and parameters
RuntimeOptions Options for logged species
sbioabstractkineticlaw Create kinetic law definition
sbioaccelerate Prepare model object for accelerated simulations
sbioaddtolibrary Add to user-defined library
sbioconvertunits Convert unit and unit value to new unit
sbiocopylibrary Copy library to disk
sbiodose Construct dose object
sbioensembleplot Show results of ensemble run using 2-D or 3-D plots
sbioensemblerun Multiple stochastic ensemble runs of SimBiology model
sbioensemblestats Get statistics from ensemble run data
sbiofit Perform nonlinear least-squares regression
sbiofitmixed Fit nonlinear mixed-effects model (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbiofitstatusplot Plot status of sbionlmefit or sbionlmefitsa
sbiolasterror SimBiology last error message
sbiolastwarning SimBiology last warning message
sbioloadproject Load project from file
sbiomodel Construct model object
sbionlinfit Perform nonlinear least-squares regression using SimBiology models (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbionlmefit Estimate nonlinear mixed effects using SimBiology models (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbionlmefitsa Estimate nonlinear mixed effects with stochastic EM algorithm (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbionmfiledef NONMEM file definition object for sbionmimport
sbionmimport Import NONMEM-formatted data
sbioparamestim Perform parameter estimation
sbioplot Plot simulation results in one figure
sbioremovefromlibrary Remove kinetic law, unit, or unit prefix from library
sbioreset Delete all model objects
sbioroot Return SimBiology root object
sbiosampleerror Sample error based on error model and add noise to simulation data
sbiosampleparameters Generate parameters by sampling covariate model (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbiosaveproject Save all models in root object
sbioselect Search for objects with specified constraints
sbioshowunitprefixes Show unit prefixes in library
sbioshowunits Show units in library
sbiosimulate Simulate SimBiology model
sbiosteadystate Find steady state of SimBiology model
sbiosubplot Plot simulation results in subplots
sbiotrellis Plot data or simulation results in trellis plot
sbiounit Create user-defined unit
sbiounitcalculator Convert value between units
sbiounitprefix Create user-defined unit prefix
sbiovariant Construct variant object
sbiowhos Show contents of project file, library file, or SimBiology root object
sbmlexport Export SimBiology model to SBML file
sbmlimport Import SBML-formatted file
ScheduleDose object Define drug dosing protocol
SensitivityAnalysisOptions Specify sensitivity analysis options
simbiology Open SimBiology desktop for modeling and simulation
SimBiology.export.Model Exported SimBiology model object
SimBiology.export.Model.accelerate Prepare exported SimBiology model for acceleration
SimBiology.export.Model.simulate Simulate exported SimBiology model
SimData object Simulation data storage
SimFunction object Function-like interface to execute SimBiology models
SimFunctionSensitivity object SimFunctionSensitivity object, subclass of SimFunction object
SolverOptions Specify model solver options
Species object Options for compartment species
Unit object Hold information about user-defined unit
UnitPrefix object Hold information about user-defined unit prefix
Variant object Store alternate component values
verify Validate and verify SimBiology model
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