Adding the Reactions for Gene Regulation

Transcription of DNA to mRNA is regulated by the binding of the protein product from translation to the DNA. As more protein is produced, the DNA is bound with the protein more often and less time is available for transcription with the unbound DNA. For more details, see Gene Repression.

Enter the reversible reaction for DNA + protein <-> DNA_protein with a forward reaction rate equation v = k3*DNA*protein and a reverse rate v = k3r*DNA_protein.

Robj3 = addreaction(Mobj, 'DNA + protein <-> DNA_protein');
Kobj3 = addkineticlaw(Robj3,'MassAction');
Pobj3 = addparameter(Kobj3, 'k3', 0.2);
Pobj3r = addparameter(Kobj3, 'k3r', 1.0);
set(Kobj3, 'ParameterVariableNames', {'k3', 'k3r'});
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