Adding the Reactions for mRNA and Protein Degradation

Protein and mRNA degradation are important reactions for regulating gene expression. The steady-state level of the compounds is maintained by a balance between synthesis and degradation reactions. Proteins are hydrolyzed to amino acids with the help of proteases, while nucleic acids are degraded to nucleotides.

  1. Enter the reaction for mRNA degradation to nucleotides.

    Robj4 = addreaction(Mobj, 'mRNA -> null');
    Kobj4 = addkineticlaw(Robj4, 'MassAction');
    Pobj4 = addparameter(Kobj4,  'k4', 1.5);
    set(Kobj4, 'ParameterVariableNames','k4');
  2. Enter the reaction for protein degradation to amino acids.

    Robj5 = addreaction(Mobj, 'protein -> null');
    Kobj5 = addkineticlaw(Robj5,'MassAction');
    Pobj5 = addparameter(Kobj5,  'k5', 1.0);
    set(Kobj5, 'ParameterVariableNames','k5');
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