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Compiler Setup

To prepare SimBiology® models for accelerated simulations, install and set up a compiler:

  1. Install a C compiler (if one is not already installed on your system). For a current list of supported compilers, see Supported and Compatible Compilers.

  2. Ensure that any user-defined functions in your model can be used for code generation from MATLAB®, so they can convert to compiled C. For more information, see Language, Function, and Object support for C and C++ code generation (MATLAB Coder) or contact MathWorks Technical Support.


On 32-bit Windows® platforms, the LCC compiler is automatically installed. However, for better performance of the acceleration functionality, you may want to install a supported compiler other than LCC, and it will be selected automatically.

On 64-bit Windows platforms, if you have not installed another compiler, SimBiology uses the LCC64 compiler for model accelerations. If you have installed another supported compiler, it will be selected automatically.

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