Creating a SimBiology Model

A SimBiology® model is a collection of objects that are structured hierarchically. A model object is needed to contain all the other objects.

  1. Create a model object. For example, to create a model with the name cell, in the MATLAB® Command Window, type

    Mobj = sbiomodel('cell')

    MATLAB creates Mobj, a model object in the workspace and displays a summary of the objects in the model.

    SimBiology Model - cell 
       Model Components:
         Compartments:      0
         Events:            0
         Parameters:        0
         Reactions:         0
         Rules:             0
         Species:           0
  2. Display all the model object properties by typing


    MATLAB displays a list of properties for the model object and their current values.

        Annotation: ''
              Events: [0x1 double]
                Name: 'cell'
               Notes: ''
          Parameters: [0x1 double]
              Parent: [1x1 SimBiology.Root]
             Species: [0x1 handle]
        Compartments: [0x1 double]
           Reactions: [0x1 double]
               Rules: [0x1 double]
                 Tag: ''
                Type: 'sbiomodel'
            UserData: []

    Some of the model properties are themselves objects or arrays of objects.

  3. Add a compartment named contents to the model.

    compObj = addcompartment(Mobj, 'contents');
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