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SimBiology Product Description

Model, simulate, and analyze biological systems

SimBiology® provides an app and programmatic tools to model, simulate, and analyze dynamic systems, focusing on pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and systems biology applications. It provides a block diagram editor for building models, or you can create models programmatically using the MATLAB® language. SimBiology includes a library of common PK models, which you can customize and integrate with mechanistic systems biology models.

A variety of model exploration techniques let you identify optimal dosing schedules and putative drug targets in cellular pathways. SimBiology uses ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and stochastic solvers to simulate the time course profile of drug exposure, drug efficacy, and enzyme and metabolite levels. You can investigate system dynamics and guide experimentation using parameter sweeps and sensitivity analysis. You can also use single subject or population data to estimate model parameters.

Key Features

  • App for PK/PD and mechanistic systems biology modeling

  • Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and stochastic solvers

  • Library of PK models

  • Parameter estimation techniques for single-subject and population data, including nonlinear mixed-effects models

  • Sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps for investigating parameter effects on system dynamics

  • Diagnostic plots for individual and population fits

  • Methods for creating and optimizing dosing schedules

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