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Import Data

Import, visualize, and preprocess experimental data, including Excel®, CSV, SAS XPORT, NONMEM


sbionmimportImport NONMEM-formatted data
sbionmfiledefNONMEM file definition object for sbionmimport
sbiotrellisPlot data or simulation results in trellis plot
sbioncaCompute noncompartmental analysis (NCA) parameters (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox)
sbioncaoptionsSpecify options to calculate noncompartmental analysis (NCA) parameters


groupedData Table-like collection of data and metadata

Examples and How To

Desktop Workflow

Import Data from a NONMEM-Formatted File Using the SimBiology Desktop

This example shows how to import data from a NONMEM-formatted file.

Programmatic Workflow

Importing Data

SimBiology lets you import tabular data from external sources programmatically.


Importing Data — Supported Files and Data Types

SimBiology lets you import external data saved in several file formats, such as Excel files, text files, and NONMEM®-formatted files.

Noncompartmental Analysis

NCA (noncompartmental analysis) lets you calculate pharmacokinetic parameters of a drug without requiring the assumption of a compartmental model.

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