Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling

Maximum likelihood estimation of population parameters


groupedData Create groupedData object
sbiofitmixed Fit nonlinear mixed-effects model
sbionlmefit Estimate nonlinear mixed effects using SimBiology models
sbionlmefitsa Estimate nonlinear mixed effects with stochastic EM algorithm
sbiosampleparameters Generate parameters by sampling covariate model
sbiosampleerror Sample error based on error model and add noise to simulation data
sbiofitstatusplot Plot status of sbionlmefit or sbionlmefitsa


CovariateModel object Define relationship between parameters and covariates
GroupedData object Table-like collection of data and metadata
EstimatedInfo object Object containing information about estimated model quantities
NLMEResults object Results object containing estimation results from nonlinear mixed-effects modeling
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