Indicate object in use during simulation


The Active property indicates whether a simulation is using a SimBiology® object. A SimBiology model is organized into a hierarchical group of objects. Use the Active property to include or exclude objects during a simulation.

  • Configuration set — For the configset object, use the method setactiveconfigset to set the object Active property to true.

  • Event, Reaction, or Rule — When an event, a reaction, or rule object Active property is set to false, the simulation does not include the event, reaction, or rule. This is a convenient way to test a model with and without a reaction or rule.

  • Variant — Set the Active property to true if you always want the variant to be applied before simulating the model. You can also pass the variant object as an argument to sbiosimulate; this applies the variant only for the current simulation. For more information on using the Active property for variants, see Variant object.


Applies toObjects: configset, event, reaction, RepeatDose, rule, ScheduleDose, variant
Data typeboolean
Data values

true or false. The default value for events, reactions, and rules is true. For the configset object, default is true. For added configset object, the default is false. For variants, the default is false.



  1. Create a model object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('my_model');
  2. Add a reaction object and verify that the Active property setting is 'true' or 1.

    reactionObj = addreaction (modelObj, 'a + b -> c + d');
    get (reactionObj, 'Active')

    MATLAB® returns:

    ans =
  3. Set the Active property to 'false' and verify.

    set (reactionObj, 'Active', false);
    get (reactionObj, 'Active')

    MATLAB returns:

    ans =
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