Compartment capacity


The Capacity property indicates the size of the SimBiology® compartment object. If the size of the compartment does not vary during simulation, set the property ConstantCapacity to true.

You can vary compartment capacity using rules or events.

    Note:   Remember to set the ConstantCapacity property to false for varying capacity.

Events cannot result in the capacity having a negative value. Rules could result in the capacity having a negative value.


Applies toObject: compartment
Data typedouble
Data valuesPositive real number. The default value is 1.


Add a compartment to a model and set the compartment capacity.

  1. Create a model object named my_model.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('comp_model');
  2. Add the compartment object named nucleus with a capacity of 0.5.

    compartmentObj = addcompartment(modelObj, 'nucleus', 0.5);
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