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Specify variable or constant compartment capacity


The ConstantCapacity property indicates whether the capacity of the compartment object can vary during the simulation. ConstantCapacity can be either true (1) or false (0). If ConstantCapacity is true, the quantity of the compartment cannot vary during the simulation. By default, ConstantCapacity is true and the quantity of the compartment cannot vary during the simulation. If ConstantCapacity is false, the quantity of the compartment can be determined by rules and events.


Applies toObject: compartment
Data typeboolean
Data valuestrue or false. The default value is true.


Add a compartment to a model and check the ConstantCapacity property of the compartment.

  1. Create a model object named comp_model.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('comp_model');
  2. Add the compartment object named nucleus with a capacity of 0.5.

    compartmentObj = addcompartment(modelObj, 'nucleus', 0.5);
  3. Display the ConstantCapacity property.

    get(compartmentObj, 'ConstantCapacity')
    ans =
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