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constructDefaultFixedEffectValues (covmodel)

Create initial estimate vector needed for fit


FEInitEstimates = constructDefaultFixedEffectValues(CovModelObj)


FEInitEstimates = constructDefaultFixedEffectValues(CovModelObj) creates FEInitEstimates, a structure containing the initial estimates for the fixed effects in CovModelObj, a CovariateModel object. These initial estimates are set to a default of zero, but you can edit these estimates. The number and names of the fields in the FEInitEstimates structure matches the number and names of fixed effects (theta values) in the Expression property of CovModelObj.

    Tip   After creating the FEInitEstimates structure, you can edit it and use it to change the FixedEffectValues property of CovModelObj, before using the object as an input argument to sbionlmefit or sbionlmefitsa.

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