Parameter specifying length of time to administer a dose


DurationParameterName is a property of a RepeatDose or ScheduleDose object.

Specify the name of a parameter object that is:

  • Scoped to a model

  • Constant, that is, its ConstantValue property is true

This property specifies the length of time it takes to administer a dose.

    Note:   If you set the DurationParameterName property of a dose, you must also specify the Amount property of the dose, and set the Rate property to 0. This is because the rate is calculated from the amount and duration.


Applies toObjects: RepeatDose, ScheduleDose
Data typechar string
Data values

Name of a parameter object or empty. Default is an empty string.

The parameter object must be:

  • Scoped to a model

  • Constant, that is, have a ConstantValue property set to true


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