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Indicate parent object


The Parent property indicates the parent object for a SimBiology® object (read-only). The Parent property indicates accessibility of the object. The object is accessible to the Parent object and other objects within the Parent object. The value of Parent depends on the type of object and how it was created. All models always have the SimBiology root as the Parent.

More Information

The following table shows you the different objects and the possible Parent value.

abstract kinetic law
  • [] (empty) until added to library

  • root object upon addition to library

compartmentmodel object
eventmodel object or [] (empty)
kinetic lawreaction object
modelroot object
parametermodel object, kinetic law object, or [] (empty)
reactionmodel object or [] (empty)
RepeatDosemodel object or [] (empty)
rulemodel object or [] (empty)
ScheduleDosemodel object or [] (empty)
species compartment
variantmodel object or [] (empty)
unit and unit prefixes
  • [] (empty) until added to library

  • root object upon addition to library


Applies toObjects: abstract kinetic law, compartment, event, kinetic law, model, parameter, reaction, RepeatDose, rule, ScheduleDose, species, variant, unit, or unit prefix
Data typeObject
Data valuesSimBiology component object or [] (empty)

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