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PKModelDesign object

Helper object to construct pharmacokinetic model


Use the PKModelDesign object to construct a SimBiology® model for PK modeling. The PKModelDesign object lets you specify the number of compartments, the type of dosing, and method of elimination which you then use to construct the SimBiology model object with the necessary compartments, species, reactions, rules, and events.

pkm = PKModelDesign;

Use the addCompartment method to add a compartment with a specified dosing and elimination. addCompartment adds each subsequent compartment and connects it to the previous compartment using a reversible reaction. This reaction models the flux between compartments in a PK model.

The construct method uses the PKModelDesign object to create a SimBiology model object.

The PKModelDesign class is a subclass of the hgsetget class, which is a subclass of the handle class. For more information on the inherited methods see hgsetget and handle.


PKModelDesignCreate PKModelDesign object

Method Summary

addCompartment (PKModelDesign)Add compartment to PKModelDesign object
construct (PKModelDesign)Construct SimBiology model from PKModelDesign object
get (any object)Get object properties
set (any object)Set object properties

Property Summary

PKCompartmentsHold compartments in PK model

See Also

Create Pharmacokinetic Models in the SimBiology User's Guide, PKCompartment object

Introduced in R2009a

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