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Rate of dose


Rate is a property of a RepeatDose or ScheduleDose object.

This property defines how fast a dose is given. If the rate is set to 0 or an empty array [], then it is interpreted as a bolus (instantaneous) dose.

    Note:   If you set the Rate property of a dose, you must also specify the Amount property of the dose, and set the DurationParameterName property to ''. This is because the duration is calculated from the amount and rate.

    Tip   You can create a combination of bolus and infusion doses by setting the rate property of a ScheduleDose object to a vector containing zeros and non-zeros.


Applies toObjects: RepeatDose, ScheduleDose
Data typedouble (RepeatDose) or double array (ScheduleDose)
Data valuesNonnegative real number. Default is 0 (RepeatDose) or [] (ScheduleDose), that is, the dose is interpreted as a bolus (instantaneous) dose.

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