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Array of reaction objects


Property to indicate the reactions in a Model object. Read-only array of reaction objects.

A reaction object defines a chemical reaction that occurs between species. The species for the reaction are defined in the Model object property Species.

You can add a reaction to a model object with the method addreaction, and you can remove a reaction from the model object with the method delete.


Applies toObject: model
Data typeArray of reaction objects
Data valuesReaction object


  1. Create a model object, and then add a reaction object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('my_model');
    reactionObj = addreaction (modelObj, 'a + b -> c + d');
  2. Verify that the reactions property records the input.

    get (modelObj, 'Reactions')

    MATLAB® returns:

    SimBiology Reaction Array
     Index:    Reaction:
       1       a + b -> c + d
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