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The RunInfo property contains information describing the simulation run that yielded the data in the SimData object.

The following information is stored:

  • Configset — A struct form of the configuration set used during simulation. This would typically be the model's active configset.

  • Variant — A struct form of the variant(s) used during simulation.

  • SimulationDate — The date/time of simulation.

  • SimulationType — Either 'single run' or 'ensemble run', depending on whether the data object was created using the function sbiosimulate or the function sbioensemblerun.


Applies toObject: SimData
Data typestruct
Data valuesDefault values are as follows:
ConfigSet: []  
SimulationDate: '' 
SimulationType: ''
Variant: []
In practice, the ConfigSet, SimulationDate, and SimulationType fields are rarely empty, since they are populated after simulation.

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