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Construct dose object


doseObj = sbiodose('DoseName')

doseObj = sbiodose('DoseName', 'DoseType')

doseObj = sbiodose(...'PropertyName', PropertyValue...)


DoseNameName of the dose object.
DoseTypeSelects which type of dose object to construct. Enter either 'schedule' or 'repeat'
  • 'schedule'creates a ScheduleDose object and defines the dose with a time array, amount array, and rate array.

  • 'repeat'creates a RepeatDose object and defines the dose with a dose amount, number of dose repetitions, and the time between doses.

Output Arguments

doseObjScheduleDose or RepeatDose object.


doseObj = sbiodose('DoseName') constructs a SimBiology® RepeatDose object (doseObj), assigns DoseName to the property Name, and assigns []to the property Parent.

doseObj = sbiodose('DoseName', 'DoseType')
constructs either a SimBiology ScheduleDose object or RepeatDose object (doseObj).

doseObj = sbiodose(...'PropertyName', PropertyValue...)
defines dose object properties. You can enter the property name/property value pairs in any format supported by the function set (for example, name-value string pairs, structures, and name-value cell array pairs).

You can view additional doseObj properties with the get command and modify doseObj properties with the set command.

Before you use a dose object in a simulation, you must add the object to a SimBiology model with the method adddose.


Construct a repeat dose object:

  1. In the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

    doseObj1 = sbiodose('dose1', 'repeat');
  2. Define a repeating dose:

    doseObj1.Amount      = 5;
    doseObj1.Repeat      = 6;
    doseObj1.Interval    = 24;
    doseObj1.TimeUnits   = 'hour';
    doseObj1.TargetName = 'Central.x';

Construct a schedule dose object:

  1. In the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

    doseObj2 = sbiodose('dose2', 'schedule');
  2. Define a dose schedule:

    doseObj2.Time       = [0  24 48];
    doseObj2.Amount     = [10 5 5];
    doseObj2.TargetName = 'Central.Drug';

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