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Get model object that generated simulation data


modelObj = sbiogetmodel(simDataObj)


simDataObjSimData object returned by the function sbiosimulate or by sbioensemblerun.
modelObjModel object associated with the SimData object.


modelObj = sbiogetmodel(simDataObj) returns the SimBiology® model (modelObj) associated with the results from a simulation run (simDataObj). You can use this function to find the model object associated with the specified SimData object when you load a project with several model objects and SimData objects.

If the SimBiology model used to generate the SimData object (simDataObj) is not currently loaded, modelObj is empty.


Retrieve the model object that generated the SimData object.

  1. Create a model object, simulate, and then return the results as a SimData object.

    modelObj = sbmlimport('oscillator');
    simDataObj = sbiosimulate(modelObj);
  2. Get the model that generated the simulation results.

    modelObj2 = sbiogetmodel(simDataObj)
    SimBiology Model - Oscillator
    Model Components:
      Models:            0
      Parameters:        0
      Reactions:         42
      Rules:             0
      Species:           23
  3. Check that the two models are the same.

    modelObj == modelObj2
    ans =

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