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Save all models in root object


sbiosaveproject projFilename
sbiosaveproject projFilename variableName
sbiosaveproject projFilename variableName1 variableName2 ...


sbiosaveproject projFilename saves all models in the SimBiology® root object to the binary SimBiology project file named projFilename.sbproj. The project can be loaded with sbioloadproject. sbiosaveproject returns an error if projFilename.sbproj is not writable.

sbiosaveproject creates the binary SimBiology project file named simbiology.sbproj. sbiosaveproject returns an error if this is not writable.

sbiosaveproject projFilename variableName saves only variableName. variableName can be a SimBiology model or any MATLAB® variable.

sbiosaveproject projFilename variableName1 variableName2 ... saves the specified variables in the project.

Use the functional form of sbiosaveproject when the file name or variable names are stored in a character vector. For example, if the file name is stored in the variable fileName and you want to store MATLAB variables variableName1 and variableName2, type sbiosaveproject (projFileName, 'variableName1', 'variableName2') at the command line.


  1. Import an SBML file and simulate (default configset object is used).

    modelObj = sbmlimport ('oscillator.xml');    
    timeseriesObj = sbiosimulate(modelObj);
  2. Save the model and the simulation results to a project.

    sbiosaveproject myprojectfile modelObj timeseriesObj

Introduced in R2006a

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