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Enable or disable sensitivity analysis


SensitivityAnalysis is a property of the SolverOptions property, which is a property of a configset object. This property lets you compute the time-dependent sensitivities of all the species states defined by the StatesToLog property with respect to the Inputs that you specify in the SensitivityAnalysisOptions property of the configuration set object.

SensitivityAnalysis is available only for the ODE solvers (ode15s, ode23t, ode45, and sundials)


Models containing the following active components do not support sensitivity analysis:

  • Nonconstant compartments

  • Algebraic rules

  • Events

For more information on setting up sensitivity analysis, see SensitivityAnalysisOptions . For a description of sensitivity analysis calculations, see Sensitivity Calculation.


Applies toObject: SolverOptions
Data typelogical
Data values1, 0, true, false. Default is false.


This example shows how to enable SensitivityAnalysis.

  1. Retrieve the configset object from the modelObj.

    modelObj  = sbiomodel('cell');
    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj);
  2. Enable SensitivityAnalysis.

    set(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'SensitivityAnalysis', true);
    get(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'SensitivityAnalysis')
    ans =
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