Specify type of stop time for simulation


StopTimeType is a property of a Configset object. The StopTimeType property sets the type of stop time for a simulation. The stop time is specified in the StopTime property of the configset object. Valid types are approxWallTime, numberOfLogs, and simulationTime. The default is simulationTime.

  • simulationTime — Specify the stop time for the simulation. The solver determines and sets the time steps and the simulation stops when it reaches the specified StopTime.

  • approxWallTime — Specify the approximate stop time according to the clock. For example,10s of approxWallTime is approximately 10s of real time.

  • numberOfLogs — Specify the total number of simulation steps to be recorded during the simulation. For example if you want to log three simulation steps, the numberOfLogs is 3. The simulation will stop after the specified numberOfLogs.

You can change the StopTimeType setting with the set function.


Applies toObject: Configset
Data typeenum
Data valuesapproxWallTime, numberOfLogs, and simulationTime

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