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Display SimBiology object type


The Type property indicates a SimBiology® object type. When you create a SimBiology object, the value of Type is automatically defined.

For example, when a Species object is created, the value of the Type property is automatically defined as 'species'.


Applies toObjects: abstract kinetic law, compartment, configuration set, CompileOptions, event, kinetic law, model, parameter, reaction, RepeatDose, root, rule, ScheduleDose, species, RuntimeOptions, SolverOptions, unit, unitprefix, and variant
Data typeCharacter vector
Data valuesabstract_kinetic_law, compartment, configset, compileoptions, event, kineticlaw, parameter, reaction, repeatdose, root, rule, runtimeoptions, sbiomodel, scheduledose, species, solveroptions, unit, unitprefix, and variant

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