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Zero-order dose absorption duration


ZeroOrderDurationParameter is a property of the PKModelMap object. It specifies the name(s) of parameter object(s) that represent the duration of absorption when the DosingType property is ZeroOrder.

Specify the name(s) of parameter object(s) that are:

  • Scoped to a model

  • Constant, that is, their ConstantValue property is true

When dosing multiple compartments, a one-to-one relationship must exist between the number and order of elements in the ZeroOrderDurationParameter property and the DosingType property. For a dose that is not dosed with zero-order kinetics, use '' (an empty character vector). For an example, see Dosing Multiple Compartments in a Model.


Applies toObject: PKModelMap
Data type

Character vector or cell array of character vectors


If you are not using any zero-order doses, you can set this property to a cell array of empty character vectors, or simply an empty cell array.

Data values

Name of a parameter object or empty. Default is an empty cell array.

The parameter object(s) must be:

  • Scoped to a model

  • Constant, that is, have a ConstantValue property set to true


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