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Model Modifiers

SimBiology® provides the following modeling elements that you can use to modify or perturb a model from its base configuration.


A variants is a collection of quantities (compartments, species, and/or parameters) that you can use to alter a model's initial or base configuration, which is easier than individually modifying each quantity separately. For example, assuming that a different set of parameter values characterizes differences between wild type and mutant strains, you can use a variant to group parameter values indicative of these strains. You apply variants to a model to evaluate the model behavior under "variant" conditions. Note that the model's original configuration is only temporarily altered, for example during a simulation.

For example, you can use a variant to compare:

  • Two different species, such as human versus mouse

  • Wild type versus mutant strains

  • Different experimental conditions


A dose is used to increment the amount (or concentration) of a species exogenously. For example, you can use a dose to model the instantaneous supply of a drug regimen during the simulation of a model. For details, see Doses.

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