Entity Generation

Generate model input traffic, attach data to entities; specify generation times, intergeneration times, random generation, deterministic generation

Discrete-event simulations typically involve discrete items of interest, called entities in SimEvents® software. For more information, see What Is an Entity?.


simevents Open SimEvents library
simeventslib Open SimEvents library


MATLAB Discrete-Event System MATLAB discrete-event system
Discrete Event Chart Discrete event chart
Entity Generator Generate entities
Entity Terminator Terminate entities
Entity Queue Enqueue entities
Entity Server Serve entities
Entity Input Switch Switch input entities
Entity Output Switch Output entities
Entity Replicator Replicate entities
Entity Gate Gate entities
Composite Entity Creator Create composite entities
Composite Entity Splitter Split composite entities
Resource Pool Pool entity resources
Resource Acquirer Acquire entity resources
Resource Releaser Release entity resources
Entity Multicast Send multicast entities
Multicast Receive Queue Receive multicast entities
Message Send Create and send message
Message Receive Extract data from received messages
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