SimEvents Product Description

Model and simulate discrete-event systems

SimEvents® provides a discrete-event simulation engine and component library for Simulink®. You can model event-driven communication between components to analyze and optimize end-to-end latencies, throughput, packet loss, and other performance characteristics. Libraries of predefined blocks, such as queues, servers, and switches, enable you to accurately represent your system and customize routing, processing delays, prioritization, and other operations.

With SimEvents you can design distributed control systems, hardware architectures, and sensor and communication networks for aerospace, automotive, and electronics applications. You can also simulate event-driven processes, such as the execution of a mission plan or the stages of a manufacturing process, to determine resource requirements and identify bottlenecks.

Key Features

  • Discrete-event simulation engine for multidomain modeling of complex systems in Simulink

  • Predefined block libraries, including queues, servers, generators, routing, and entity combiner/splitter blocks

  • Entities with custom data attributes for flexible representation of packets, tasks, and parts

  • Built-in statistics aggregation for obtaining delay, throughput, average queue length, and other metrics

  • Library blocks for defining domain-specific constructs, such as communication channels, messaging protocols, and conveyor belts

  • In-model animation for visualizing model operation and debugging

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