Statistics Through SimEvents Blocks

The report of statistics is an important part of the SimEvents® blocks. Statistics you are most likely to want to see are:

  • Server blocks

    • Utilization, average number of entities being served.

  • Server and other blocks

    • Number of entities departing the block.

    • Average wait time of entities in the block.

Many SimEvents blocks have a Statistics tab, from which you can select the relevant statistic.

When you request a statistic for a block, the output ports for the block extend from the top of the block, with a label for each port. The Entity Queue can display:

  • Number of entities departed

  • Number of entities in the block

  • Average wait time of the entities

  • Average queue length of entities

To display the statistics, connect a display block, such as a Simulink® Scope block, to the statistic output port.

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