What Is an Event?

Overview of Events

In a discrete-event simulation, an event is an observation of an instantaneous incident that may change a state variable, an output, and/or the occurrence of other events. Events can correspond to changes in the state of an entity.

Typical Event Sequences

Specify event actions based on entity status. A typical event sequence in a SimEvents® model is:

  1. The generation of an entity.

  2. The advancement of an entity from an Entity Generator block to an Entity Server block.

  3. The completion of service on an entity in a server.

  4. The exit of an entity from one Entity Server block to an Entity Terminator block.

  5. The destruction of an entity.

Viewing Events

Events do not have a graphical representation. However, you can associate actions with events as described in Actions for Events. The SimEvents software maintains an event calendar with which you can interact using simevents.SimulationObserver methods. You can create a custom event observer using this class and its methods. For more information, see Interface for Custom Visualization.

Actions for Events

SimEvents lets you create custom actions to happen when an event occurs for an entity. Every event can have a corresponding action. You can write actions for many events using MATLAB® code or Simulink Functions.

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