Discrete Event Chart

Discrete event chart




This block is similar to a Stateflow® chart, but is used for discrete events. The block requires a Stateflow license.

The advantages of the discrete event chart are given below.

  • Precise timing: The time resolution for occurrence of events can be arbitrarily precise, and are not limited by the sample time of the model.

  • Trigger on Arrival: A discrete event chart executes immediately on arrival of a message. It does not execute on the next sample time hit.

  • Dynamic Scheduling: A discrete event chart can execute zero or multiple times in a single time step. It does not have a fixed sorted execution order. The order of execution depends on the run-time conditions of the model.

The Discrete Event Chart can be used in a similar fashion to the Stateflow Chart.

To access the properties of the chart, right-click the chart and select Properties. For more information on properties, see Discrete Event Chart Properties.

Introduced in R2016a

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