Entity Batch Creator

Create batch of entities




The Entity Batch Creator receives the expected number of entities Number of entities in batch and creates a new batch entity that contains all these entities. The batched entity is an array of entities. The block releases any acquired resources before batching an input entity.

You can reference batched entity attributes in event actions. You cannot reference them in:

  • Priority queues — Do not set Priority source parameter to PriorityAttribute.

  • Entity Server block — Do not set Service time source parameter to Attribute.

  • Output Switch block — Do not set Switching criterion parameter to From attribute.

To output the batch as a bus object, select the Bus object parameter. Consider creating a bus object for the batched entity when:

  • Sending or receiving a batched entity to or from a MATLAB Discrete-Event System block.

  • Sending or receiving a batched entity to or from a Discrete-Event Chart block.

  • When passing full entity data to a Simulink Function block.

  • When converting a batched entity to a signal using the Message Receive block.


Number of entities in batch

Specify the number of input ports.

Entity type name

Specify the type name of the batched entity that is created after combining incoming entities.

Bus object

Specify whether to output the batched entity as a bus object.

Input entity name

Specify names to be attached to the input entities, which can be used for referencing these entities in the batched entity.

Event actions

Specify the behavior of the entity on certain events. Define the behavior in the Event action parameter. For example, the Generate action is called when an entity is generated.

Event action

Define the behavior for the event action specified in Event actions.

Number of entities arrived, a

Outputs the number of entities that have arrived at the block.

Number of entities departed, d

Outputs the number of entities that have departed the block.

Number of entities remaining for next batch, rem

Outputs the number of entities still in the block for the next batch of entities.

Pending entity in block, pe

Indicates whether there are entities present in the block that have yet to depart.

Introduced in R2016b

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