Entity Input Switch

Switch input entities





This page is the block reference page for the Input Switch block introduced in R2016a. To see the documentation on the previous Input Switch block, see Input Switch (Obsolete).

This block allows arrival of entities at its ports. The selected entity input port can change during the simulation.


Number of input ports

Determines how many entity input ports the block has.

Active port selection

Select All to allow arrival of entities at all ports. Select Switch to allow arrival of an entity at only one port at a time.

Switching criterion

Select the criterion for switching between input ports. Select Round robin to select ports in a round robin fashion. Select From control port to let the control port determine the selected port. Select Equiprobable to let the block randomly select any port with equal probability.

Initial port selection

Specify which port to allow arrival of entity from initially.


Specify the seed for the random number generator to determine the input port. This parameter is visible when Switching criterion is set to Equiprobable.

Introduced in R2016a

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