After Migration

After running the seupdate function, you might notice changes in the behavior of your model. The primary areas where you might notice changes are:

  • Architectural changes that more clearly delineate time-based modeling from event-based modeling also affect the event propagation from one block to another at time zero.

  • Changes in sorted order within signal computations might improve accuracy in hybrid time-based and event-based models.

  • Queue blocks have improved updating of their #n statistic port.

  • At time zero of your simulation, SimEvents® now computes initial values of blocks in the event-based portions of your model more robustly. These initial values might cause changes in your simulation results.

  • Gateway blocks convert bus signals to non-bus signals

To ensure that the converted model continues to behave as you want:

  1. Run the model and evaluate the simulation results.

  2. If you notice simulation result changes that you do not want, modify your upgraded model to get the desired results.

For more detailed information, see Behavior Changes in Migrated Models.

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