Resolve Simultaneous Signal Updates

The Resolve simultaneous signal updates according to event priority option lets you defer certain operations until the application determines which other operations are supposed to be simultaneous. To use this option appropriately, you should understand your modeling goals, your model's design, and the way the application processes signal updates that are simultaneous with other operations in the simulation. The table indicates sources of relevant information that can help you use the Resolve simultaneous signal updates according to event priority option.

To Read About...Refer to...Description
BackgroundDetection of Signal Updates and Effect of Simultaneous OperationsWhat simultaneous signal updates are, and the context in which the option is relevant
BehaviorSpecify Event Priorities to Resolve Simultaneous Signal UpdatesHow the simulation behaves when you select the option
Resolve Simultaneous Signal Updates Without Specifying Event PrioritiesHow the simulation behaves when you do not select the option
ExamplesEffects of Specifying Event PrioritiesIllustrates the significance of the option
Choose Values for Event PrioritiesExamines the role of event priority values, assuming you have selected the option
TipsChoose an Approach for Simultaneous EventsTips to help you decide how to configure your model

For more general information about simultaneous events, information in Simultaneous Events is also relevant.

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