SimEvents Debugger versus Simulink Simulation Stepper

Simulink® provides a tool, the Simulation Stepper, that also allows you to step forward and backward through a Simulink model simulation.
However, you cannot use the Simulation Stepper to step backward through a SimEvents® model simulation. In the Simulation Stepper, the step back capability relies on SimState (Save and Restore Simulation State as SimState) technology to save and restore the state of a simulation. SimEvents does not support SimState. When you first step forward through a SimEvents model simulation, you see a warning to inform you that you cannot enable the step back capability.

To decide between using either the SimEvents Debugger or the Simulink Simulation Stepper to debug your model simulation, use the following table.

Step forward through a model simulation, according to each major time step of the simulation solverSimulink Simulation Stepper
Step forward through a model simulation, according to each event that occurs during the simulationSimEvents Debugger
Add conditional breakpoints to a signalSimulink Simulation Stepper
Add conditional breakpoints to events, entities, block operations, or at simulation times that you specifySimEvents Debugger

For more information about the Simulink Simulation Stepper, see How Simulation Stepper Helps With Model Analysis.

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