Count Simultaneous Departures from a Server

This example shows how to count the simultaneous departures of entities from a server. Use the d output from the Entity Server block to learn how many entities have departed (or arrived at) the block. The output signal also indicates when departures occurred. This method of counting is cumulative throughout the simulation.

  1. In a new model, from the SimEvents® library, drag the Entity Generator, Entity Server, Entity Terminator, Simulink Function, and Scope blocks.

  2. Double-click the Entity Generator block.

    • In the Event actions tab, to generate random attribute values, enter:

  3. Double-click the Entity Server block. In the Main tab:

    • In the Capacity parameter, enter inf.

    • For the Service time parameter, select MATLAB action.

    • In the Service time action parameter, enter:

      dt = getServiceTime();
    • In the Statistics tab, select Number of entities departed, d.

  4. In the Simulink Function block, define the getServiceTime function.

  5. Connect the blocks as shown and simulate the model.

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