Debugger Command Prompt

When the SimEvents® debugger is active, the command prompt is sedebug>> instead of >>. The sedebug>> prompt reminds you that the simulation is suspended in debugging mode.

When you enter commands at the sedebug>> prompt, you can:

  • Invoke debugger functions using only the function names, without the package qualifier, sedb.. For example, you can enter step at the sedebug>> prompt even though the fully qualified name of the function is sedb.step.

    Debugger functions that you invoke at the sedebug>> prompt are in the sedb package, so their fully qualified names start with "sedb.". You can either include or omit the sedb. prefix when entering commands at the sedebug>> prompt because the sedebug function imports the sedb package.

  • See a list of debugger functions by entering help with no input arguments.

    At the >> prompt, the same list is available via the syntax help sedb.

When you enter commands at the sedebug>> prompt, follow these rules:

  • Do not append additional debugger commands on the same line as a command that causes the simulation to proceed. For example, to step twice, you must enter step on two lines instead of entering the single command step; step.

  • Do not invoke sedebug or sldebug.

In the sedb package, functions are valid only when the SimEvents debugger is active.

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