Identifiers in the Debugger

The simulation log uses tokens to identify blocks, entities, events on the event calendar, and breakpoints uniquely during the debugger session. When requesting information about blocks, entities, or events, or when manipulating breakpoints, you use these identifiers as input arguments.

If you repeat a debugging session in the same version of MATLAB® without changing the model structure or parameters, all identifiers of blocks, entities, and events are the same from one session to the next.

This table summarizes the notation for identifiers.

Type of IdentifierPrefix of IdentifierExample

In displays of state information in the debugger, the abbreviation ID refers to an identifier.

    Note:   Discrete-event systems do not have identifiers. The debugger refers to discrete-event systems with numeric values, such as Discrete-Event System ID: 0. See Discrete-Event Simulation in Simulink Models for more information on discrete-event systems.

For more information about identifiers, see Inspect Entities, Blocks, and Events and Use Breakpoints During Debugging.

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