Use Plots to Debug a Simulation

Here are typical ways to use plotting blocks in the SimEvents Sinks library to debug simulation behavior.

Check when an entity departs from the block. To do this, plot the #d output signal of the block.Plot Entity Departures to Verify Timing
Check whether a block uses a control signal as you expect. To do this, plot input signals such as port selection, service time, or intergeneration time, and compare the values with observations of how the corresponding blocks use those signals.Choose Values for Event Priorities
Check how long entities spend in a region of the model. To do this, plot the output of a Read Timer block.Model an M/M/5 Queuing System
Check whether events you expect to be simultaneous are, in fact, simultaneous. To do this, use the Instantaneous Entity Counting Scope or Instantaneous Event Counting Scope block.Count Simultaneous Departures from a Server and Plot Event Counts to Check for Simultaneity

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