Run seupdate

Use the following procedure to migrate all blocks in a model and its associated libraries to the latest version from the SimEvents® library.

  1. Run the seupdate function for the model that you want to migrate.

  2. Review the items under the heading Before you update your model.

    If your model contains legacy queue blocks, the migration process identifies these blocks in your model and displays some additional output under the heading Before you update your model. This additional output provides you with instructions to check for potential changes in the results produced by queue blocks if you migrate your model. For more information, see Migration of Model Containing Queue Blocks Using seupdate.

  3. Enter a value at the prompt. Valid responses are y to overwrite the model and associated libraries, n to cancel model migration without any changes, or help to read about how seupdate changes your model.

  4. The first update step checks the model file format. If either the model or any associated library files are not in the newer SLX file format (that is, they are in the older MDL format), the software prompts you to ask if you want to save the updated model in the newer format. If your model is already in the SLX format, you do not see this prompt.

  5. If you see the preceding prompt, to continue the update process, enter a response. If you enter y, seupdate saves the updated model in the newer SLX file format. If you enter n, seupdate saves the updated model in the older MDL format.

  6. The software proceeds to update your model.

  7. If migration of your model is successful, the software displays the status UPDATE: Completed.

    For more information about model behavior changes that you might see after you runseupdate, see Behavior Changes in Migrated Models.

    If conditions exist in your model that cause the migration process to fail, the software displays the status UPDATE: Failed. For more information, see Resolve Migration Failure.

  8. Review the report that the migration utility generates.

  9. If you saw the prompt in step 4 of this procedure, seupdate notifies you of any files whose formats it changed.

For more information about saving models in the SLX format, see Saving Models in the SLX File Format.

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