View the Event Calendar

To view a list of events on the event calendar of the currently executing discrete-event system, at the sedebug>> prompt, enter this command:


The output in the Command Window includes the current simulation time and a tabular display of all events in the event calendar. Each listing in the event calendar display includes the event characteristics described in Optional Displays of Event Calendar in the Simulation Log.

Each discrete-event system has its own event calendar. See Discrete-Event Simulation in Simulink Models for more information on discrete-event systems. This means that one SimEvents® model can have multiple event calendars.

The event in progress or selected for execution appears with notation => to the left of the event identifier. This event appears in the display until the completion of all immediate consequences, and then the event is removed from the calendar.

When comparing the simulation log with the event calendar display, the sequence on the calendar and the sequence in which the events were scheduled might differ, even for simultaneous events having equal priority.

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