Manipulate Bus Signals

When you select the SimEvents® configuration parameter Prevent duplicate events on multiport blocks and branched signals, you can connect Simulink® bus signals to Timed to Event Signal blocks in a discrete-event system. Also, when you want to route a bus signal out of the discrete-event system, you can connect it to an Event to Timed Signal gateway block.

To manipulate bus signals in the discrete-event system, from the Simulink block library, you can use the following blocks:

  • Bus Assignment

  • Bus Creator

  • Bus Selector

With Prevent duplicate events on multiport blocks and branched signals selected, the software enforces the behavior that the entire discrete-event system—including any time-based signals feeding into the discrete-event system via gateway blocks—executes at the base rate of the Simulink model. Therefore, a bus signal undergoes an implicit rate transition when connecting to a Timed to Event Signal gateway block. For more information on why the software enforces this rate transition behavior for both non-bus and bus signals, see Invalid Connections of Timed to Event Signal Block.

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