Work with Scope Plots

Customize Plots

After a scope block in the SimEvents Sinks library opens its plot window, you can modify several aspects of the plot by using the menu and toolbar of the plot window:

  • Axes > Autoscale resizes both axes to fit the range of the data plus some buffer space.

  • The Zoom In and Zoom Out toolbar buttons change the axes as described in the MATLAB® documentation about zooming in 2-D views.

  • The Pan toolbar button moves your view of a plot.

  • The Style menu lets you change the line type, marker type, and color of the plot. (You can also select Style > Line > None to create a plot of unconnected points.) Your changes become part of the block configuration and persist across sessions when you save the model.

  • Axes > Save axes limits updates the following parameters on the Axes tab of the block dialog box to reflect the current limits of the axes:

    • Initial X axis lower limit

    • Initial X axis upper limit

    • Initial Y axis lower limit

    • Initial Y axis upper limit

  • Axes > Save position updates the Position parameter on the Figure tab of the block dialog box to reflect the current position and size of the window.

    Note:   Some menu options duplicate the behavior of a parameter in the block dialog box. In this case, selecting the menu option replaces the corresponding parameter value in the dialog. You can still edit the parameter values in the dialog manually. An example of a duplicate pair of menu option and dialog box parameter is Show grid.

Export Plots

The Save Figure toolbar button lets you export the current state of the plot to a file:

  • Exporting to a FIG-file enables you to reload it in a different MATLAB software session. Reloading the file opens a new plot. The new plot is not associated with the original scope block. The new plot does not offer the same menu and toolbar options as in the original plot window.

  • Exporting to a graphics file enables you to insert the graphic into a document.

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