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RF Blockset Blocks

Alphabetical List By Category
AmplifierModel amplifier in RF systems
AttenuatorModel attenuator for RF circuit
CapacitorModel capacitor for circuit envelope analysis
CirculatorModel ideal frequency-independent circulators with S-parameters
Coaxial Transmission LineModel coaxial transmission line
ConfigurationDefine system simulation settings
Connection PortConnection port for RF subsystem
Continuous WaveModel constant envelope source
Coplanar Waveguide Transmission LineModel coplanar waveguide transmission line
CouplerModel ideal frequency-independent couplers with S-parameters
DividerModel ideal frequency-independent dividers (combiners) with S-parameters
FilterModel RF filter
General AmplifierModel nonlinear amplifier described by rfdata object or file data
General Circuit ElementModel two-port network described by rfckt object
General MixerModel mixer and local oscillator described by rfdata object
General Passive NetworkModel two-port passive network described by rfdata object
GroundSimulate connection to electrical ground
InductorModel inductor for circuit envelope analysis
InportConvert Simulink input signal to RF Blockset signal
Input PortConnection block from Simulink environment to RF physical blocks
IQ DemodulatorConvert RF signal to baseband signal
IQ ModulatorConvert baseband signal to RF signal
LC Bandpass PiModel LC bandpass pi network
LC Bandpass TeeModel LC bandpass tee network
LC Bandstop PiModel LC bandstop pi network
LC Bandstop TeeModel LC bandstop tee network
LC Highpass PiModel LC highpass pi network
LC Highpass TeeModel LC highpass tee network
LC Lowpass PiModel LC lowpass pi network
LC Lowpass TeeModel LC lowpass tee network
Microstrip Transmission LineModel microstrip transmission line
MixerModel mixer in RF systems
NoiseModel noise using current or voltage noise source in RF systems
OutportConvert RF Blockset signal to Simulink output signals
Output PortConnection block from RF physical blocks to Simulink environment
Parallel-Plate Transmission LineModel parallel-plate transmission line
Phase ShiftModel phase shift in RF systems
Power AmplifierModel power amplifier with memory
ResistorModel resistor for circuit envelope analysis
RLCG Transmission LineModel RLCG transmission line
S-ParametersModel S-parameter network
S-Parameters AmplifierModel nonlinear amplifier using S-parameters
S-Parameters MixerModel mixer and local oscillator using S-parameters
S-Parameters Passive NetworkModel passive network using S-parameters
Series CModel series capacitor
Series LModel series inductor
Series RModel series resistor
Series RLCModel series RLC network
Shunt CModel shunt capacitor
Shunt LModel shunt inductor
Shunt RModel shunt resistor
Shunt RLCModel shunt RLC network
Signal CombinerCompute sum of RF signals
SinusoidModel DC offset and sinusoidal modulation
Transmission lineModel transmission line
Two-Wire Transmission LineModel two-wire transmission line
Variable AttenuatorModel variable attenuator
Variable CapacitorModel variable capacitor
Variable InductorModel variable inductor
Variable Phase ShiftModel variable phase device
Variable ResistorModel variable resistor
Y-Parameters AmplifierModel nonlinear amplifier using Y-parameters
Y-Parameters MixerModel mixer and local oscillator using Y-parameters
Y-Parameters Passive NetworkModel passive network using Y-parameters
Z-Parameters AmplifierModel nonlinear amplifier using Z-parameters
Z-Parameters MixerModel mixer and local oscillator using Z-parameters
Z-Parameters Passive NetworkModel passive network using Z-parameters
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