Cascaded Subsystems

2-port amplifiers, mixers, and lumped-element passive filters; series and shunt resistors, capacitors, and inductors; coaxial, waveguide, microstrip, parallel-plate, RLCG, and two-wire transmission lines

You can use the 2–port behavioral models for link budget analysis. In this library, frequency-selective components are described as either lumped and distributed elements or as S-parameters.


General Amplifier Model nonlinear amplifier described by rfdata object or file data
S-Parameters Amplifier Model nonlinear amplifier using S-parameters
Y-Parameters Amplifier Model nonlinear amplifier using Y-parameters
Z-Parameters Amplifier Model nonlinear amplifier using Z-parameters
General Mixer Model mixer and local oscillator described by rfdata object
S-Parameters Mixer Model mixer and local oscillator using S-parameters
Y-Parameters Mixer Model mixer and local oscillator using Y-parameters
Z-Parameters Mixer Model mixer and local oscillator using Z-parameters
LC Bandpass Pi Model LC bandpass pi network
LC Bandpass Tee Model LC bandpass tee network
LC Bandstop Pi Model LC bandstop pi network
LC Bandstop Tee Model LC bandstop tee network
LC Highpass Pi Model LC highpass pi network
LC Highpass Tee Model LC highpass tee network
LC Lowpass Pi Model LC lowpass pi network
LC Lowpass Tee Model LC lowpass tee network
Series R Model series resistor
Series L Model series inductor
Series C Model series capacitor
Series RLC Model series RLC network
Shunt R Model shunt resistor
Shunt L Model shunt inductor
Shunt C Model shunt capacitor
Shunt RLC Model shunt RLC network
Connection Port Connection port for RF subsystem
Input Port Connection block from Simulink environment to RF physical blocks
Output Port Connection block from RF physical blocks to Simulink environment
Coaxial Transmission Line Model coaxial transmission line
Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Line Model coplanar waveguide transmission line
Microstrip Transmission Line Model microstrip transmission line
Parallel-Plate Transmission Line Model parallel-plate transmission line
RLCG Transmission Line Model RLCG transmission line
Transmission Line Model transmission line
Two-Wire Transmission Line Model two-wire transmission line
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