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Noise Modeling

Noise sources, phase noise, thermal noise, noise figure specification

Use noise sources to simulate white or colored noise in RF models and calculate the noise power. To calculate thermal noise, use S-Parameters block.


AmplifierModel amplifier in RF systems
AttenuatorModel attenuator for RF circuit
ResistorModel resistor for circuit envelope analysis
CapacitorModel capacitor for circuit envelope analysis
InductorModel inductor for circuit envelope analysis
S-ParametersModel S-parameter network
MixerModel mixer in RF systems
Variable AttenuatorModel variable attenuator
Variable Phase ShiftModel variable phase device
Variable CapacitorModel variable capacitor
Variable InductorModel variable inductor
CirculatorModel ideal frequency-independent circulators with S-parameters
CouplerModel ideal frequency-independent couplers with S-parameters
DividerModel ideal frequency-independent dividers (combiners) with S-parameters
Continuous WaveModel constant envelope source
NoiseModel noise using current or voltage noise source in RF systems
SinusoidModel DC offset and sinusoidal modulation
ConfigurationDefine system simulation settings
InportConvert Simulink input signal to RF Blockset signal
OutportConvert RF Blockset signal to Simulink output signals
Connection PortConnection port for RF subsystem
GroundSimulate connection to electrical ground

Examples and How To

Model System Noise Figure

RF receivers amplify signals and shift them to lower frequencies.

Model LO Phase Noise

A mixer transfers local oscillator (LO) phase noise directly to its output.

Designing a Receiver with an ADC

Most RF receivers in modern communications or radar systems feed signals to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

RF Noise Modeling

This example shows how to use the RF Blockset™ Circuit Envelope library to simulate noise and calculate noise power.

Impact of an RF Receiver on Communication System Performance

This example shows how to use the RF Blockset™ Circuit Envelope library to measure the effect of thermal noise on the bit error rate (BER) of a communications system and to verify the result by comparing to a Communications System Toolbox™ reference model.


Noise in RF Systems

Noise factor, noise figure, noise floor, thermal noise power, noise temperature, white noise, colored noise

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