Nonlinear Modeling

Nonlinear elements, nonlinear behavior, intermodulation distortion, IP2/IP3, interference

Simscape Blocks

Amplifier Model amplifier in RF systems
Resistor Model resistor for circuit envelope analysis
Phase Shift Model phase shift in RF systems
S-Parameters Model S-parameter network
Mixer Model mixer in RF systems
Signal Combiner Compute sum of RF signals
Circulator Model ideal frequency-independent circulators with S-parameters
Coupler Model ideal frequency-independent couplers with S-parameters
Divider Model ideal frequency-independent dividers (combiners) with S-parameters
Continuous Wave Model constant envelope source
Noise Model noise using current or voltage noise source in RF systems
Sinusoid Model DC offset and sinusoidal modulation
Configuration Specify system-wide parameters for circuit envelope analysis
Inport Convert Simulink input signal to SimRF signal
Outport Convert SimRF signal to Simulink output signals
Connection Port Connection port for RF subsystem
Ground Simulate connection to electrical ground
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