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General Circuit Element

Model two-port network described by rfckt object


Black Box Elements sublibrary of the Physical library


The General Circuit Element block models the two-port network described by an RF Toolbox™ circuit (rfckt) object.

The block uses the rfckt/analyze method to calculate the network parameters at the modeling frequencies.


Main Tab

RFCKT object

An RF Toolbox circuit (rfckt) object. You can specify the object as (1) the handle of a circuit object previously created using RF Toolbox software, (2) an RF Toolbox command such as rfckt.txline, rfckt.coaxial, or rfckt.cascade that creates a default circuit object of the specified type, or (3) a MATLAB® expression that generates such an object. See RF Circuit Objects (RF Toolbox) for more information about circuit objects.

Visualization Tab

For information about plotting, see Create Plots.


Creating a General Circuit Element from an RF Toolbox Object

This example uses the rfckt.txline object, which describes a transmission line.

  1. On the Main tab, set the RFCKT object parameter to rfckt.txline.

    Click Apply. This action applies the specified settings.

  2. Set the General Circuit Element block parameters on the Visualization tab as follows:

    • In the Y parameter1 list, select S12.

    Click Plot. This action creates an X-Y Plane plot of the S12 parameters in the frequency range 1.9 to 2.2 GHz.

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