R (Resistor)

Model resistor for circuit envelope analysis




The Resistor block models a resistor within the SimRF™ circuit envelope simulation environment. For an introduction to RF simulation, see the example, Simulate High Frequency Components.

The block implements the relation



  • R represents the resistance, as a function of temperature.

  • i(t) represents the current through the capacitor at time t.

  • v(t) represents the voltage across the terminals of the capacitor at time t.

SimRF current and voltage signals consist of in-phase (Ik) and quadrature (Qk) components at each frequency fk specified in the Configuration block:


Dialog Box and Parameters


Specify the resistance, R0, as a real number greater than zero. Specify the units of the resistance from the corresponding drop-down menu. The default value of this parameter is 50 Ohm.

Simulate noise

To simulate thermal noise in a resistor, select this check box. Then, in the Configuration block dialog box, also select the Simulate noise check box. By default, both Simulate noise check boxes are selected.

This parameter inserts a current noise source with the single-sided power density of 4 kT/R A2/Hz, where:

  • k is the Boltzmann constant

  • T is the value of the Temperature parameter, in degrees Kelvin. (Also located in the Configuration block.)

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